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Injury Prevention – Shin Splints

Roseville Bootcamp, Lincoln Bootcamp, Rocklin BootcampShin splints are absolutely no fun at all – at Kaia, we are all about the fun! Prevention of this unwelcome nuisance is essential, especially for you amazing Kaia runners! However, shin splints don’t discriminate, they don’t only effect runners…they can also effect anyone who engages in an activity that has frequent stops & starts. Luckily, prevention is far easier than you might think.

Why do shin splints occur you may wonder? Shin splints often occur due to an imbalance in the lower leg. The calf muscle is generally much stronger than the shin muscle. The shin muscle and connective tissue can become strained due to the imbalance and it eventually becomes quite inflamed and painful. So the best way to prevent yourself from the pain of shin splints is to strengthen the shin muscle.

Strengthening the shin can be done while sitting on the couch, sitting at a computer, even sitting down for a meal. It’s really quite simple. The trick is to have your feet placed squarely on the ground, knees at a 90 degree angle. Tap your toes, leaving your heels on the ground and lift the toes as high as possible, contracting the shin muscle. Continue to tap until you can’t tap any longer, tap to failure. Allow yourself 30 seconds rest, then repeat. Do 3 sets daily.

See, told you it was easy.

Prevention is always easier than treating an ailment. Now get to tap-tap-tapping!!!

Roseville Bootcamp, Lincoln Bootcamp, Granite Bay Bootcamp

Mental Toughness. What is it worth to you??

roseville bootcampHave you ever gone to the gym and asked yourself, “What the heck am I doing  here!” and walked out? I have, and not just once.  We have all been there at some point in our lives and in hindsight would agree that during those times of feeling so weak and out of shape, struggling through a workout, loathing every minute were the times that sticking with our plan of completing our workout would have helped not only our mental but physical psyche.

So, how do you get through those days when you are not feeling it? When you are really uncomfortable? When you just want to QUIT?

No matter what your fitness level or situation is, the challenge we all encounter is, “Are we mentally tough enough to plough through the discomfort?”

Do you have the Mental Toughness you desire to accomplish this?

Many people go to the gym because it is a good place to meet people and get a good workout, which is awesome! However, make sure you do your socializing before or after your work out, not during. Most of us are on very limited time and your workout time is YOURS.  Don’t burn up your precious hour with the excuse that “you ended up chatting with so-and – so“. If someone comes up to you during your workout and wants to chat, you are not being rude by politely letting them know that you’d love to chat after your workout.

Others want the workout conditions to be perfect. Sub 65 degree temps, lots of fans, no waiting time on the machines . . .etc., etc.

Roseville BootcampDon’t make “medical office waiting room” conditions your pre-requisite for working out. This is another distraction or excuse for not sticking with your plan. It’s your job to stay on track, be prepared for varying workout conditions to make sure you complete what you start.  This is about YOU.

There are a million other excuses we can come up with when we feel uncomfortable. Think about it. Is it really that bad feeling uncomfortable for an hour or so? Isn’t the pay off of how good you feel afterward worth it?  Doesn’t it feel great to know that you’ve accomplished what you set out to accomplish, you’ve stayed on track with your plan, you’re working toward your goals and you’re DOING IT! You are practicing Mental Toughness.

It’s a choice you make to achieve what you thought was beyond possible.

It’s a commitment you make not tomorrow but today.

How do you know if you’re ready?

Ask yourself, “Am I willing to push myself both mentally and physically to achieve my fitness goals?” “Am I willing to get out of my comfort zone, to eliminate excuses that make it easy for me to quit?”, “Do I deserve to feel energized, happy and healthy?”.

Honestly answer these questions to re-evaluate and reset your mental and physical toughness around your fitness goals:

  1. When you are working out and you begin to feel very uncomfortable because your workout is hard, do you quit or do you press on?
  2. If it is cold out and you are scheduled to do an outside workout, do you go or do you bail?
  3. If the little voice in your head say…”You have too much to do, you don’t have time to work out”, do you listen?
  4. When you are following a nutrition plan and you go to a party, do you plan ahead by eating a healthy snack or meal before hand or even bring your own food or do you cave and call it a cheat day?
  5. When you’re trying hard to stick with your nutrition plan, to lose weight and change your eating habits, do you listen to your friends and family who call you crazy and try to force you to eat what they eat or do stick to your plan?Roseville Bootcamp

What is being mentally tough worth to you? Is it worth being able to recreate with your family – go on hikes, swim in a lake, ride an amusement park ride. . .Being around to see your kids or grandkids graduate from college or marry . .  Getting off blood pressure, cholesterol or other meds . . Waking up in the morning excited about the day, excited about LIFE. . .

So is mental toughness really that tough? Probably not, if you consider the alternatives.

Think about your answers to the questions above.

We all have the mental toughness to do whatever we want to do.

Start now with being comfortable with the uncomfortable and achieving what you thought was beyond possible. You CAN do it!!

Isn’t it about time Kaia Sisters??

Roseville Bootcamp How many times have you thought to yourself, “I really want to be stronger.”, “I wish I looked better in my bathing suit.”, or “I’d like run a half marathon.”. We all have issues with our bodies or fitness dreams that we’d really love to improve or accomplish, and a great place to start is sitting on your butt.

Yep, that’s right! If you have a problem area or feat that you’d love to conquer, start by sitting down in a quiet room and writing your feelings on the matter. Turn that “wish” into a goal! Give yourself enough quiet time to think through why you want to make this change or why you want to challenge yourself in this way and how you plan to accomplish your goal.

It’s well known when we write down our goals we are far more likely to accomplish them. So take the time to think about it, establish a plan of attack, write it down, and go for it!

Fitness goals are measurable, so be very specific when writing your goals.  It’s important to track your progress and tweak your plan if you aren’t making the improvements you hoped to.  Your Kaia Koaches and sisters are always ready and willing to listen, give advice….and of course root you on!!

You are also more likely to be successful when you have moral support from those around you. Sharing your goals with your significant other, friends, or of course your Kaia family will also help you be accountable and stay on track.

Do you have a fitness “wish” you’d like to turn into a goal and conquer?? Come on girls, don’t be shy, what are your goals? Lets cheer each other on!

Love the Kaia Krew!!

It Never Gets Easier You Just Get Better

I have always loved working out. Challenging myself to push on, even when I feel I have nothing left to give has always been a very exhilarating feeling. Whether I’m running by myself, or sweating alongside my Kaia sisters, there’s nothing else like the high I get from a good, hard  work out.

Recently I had a couple bad days…okay honestly, it was more like 2 horrid weeks! I just didn’t feel like myself. My work outs nearly induced vomit and I was starting to doubt myself. I felt like I was at a crossroad; give up, or push on?

Well, giving up really wasn’t a viable option, for heavenssake, working out is my job!

I opted for lighter recovery-type workouts for a couple days when I felt like I hit rock bottom. I continued to eat healthy, whole foods, stayed well hydrated, rested up and then got my butt back to Kaia. Truthfully, I wasn’t sure if my body had simply had enough, or if it was just a passing funk.

I was pleasantly surprised upon returning, I felt amazing! I felt strong and had much more stamina…I felt like a machine!

We all have bad days (sometimes weeks), when we feel out of sync. But often, if we push beyond that hump, (of course eating a healthy well balanced diet, allowing ourselves pleasantly of sleep, yada, yada, yada) we become stronger, better than we were.

I’ve actually experienced this phenomenon many times in the past…you’d think by now I’d realize not to let a few bad work outs get me down, but hey, I’m human! I’m so glad I didn’t throw in the towel and let myself spiral out of control. Thankfully, I stayed the course and now I’m feeling even better than before!

If you find yourself feeling less than stellar, talk to one of the coaches or even to one of your fellow Kaia sisters. Maybe something is a little ‘off’ and  all you need is a little Kaia mojo,  guidance  or advice to help you feel your best.

Perhaps nothing is off, and your body is waiting for just the right moment to reveal that your hard work is paying off! Whatever the case may be, stick with it….you’re likely to surprise yourself with your new found strength!

Have you found yourself in a similar situation? How did you rise above the little voice telling you to give up?

Koach Allison

Now. Goals

Our Attitude of Gratitude Core Session is here, in full force! So is the beginning of our Fall/Winter holiday season.

Holidays bring friends and family together, a reminder of gratitude and thanks, cozy clothes, reading books or napping by the fireplace, smells (and servings) of yummy, warm meals. Holidays can also bring more chaos into our lives, less time and more opportunities for “falling of the wagon” with our fitness and health regimes.

Use this Kaia Core session to really focus on sticking to the SMART goals you have defined and post them on your refrigerator, bathroom mirror and in your car so you can view them often.

Focus on one goal at a time. Reflect upon each and every step you take and make toward reaching that goal. Be thankful for the ability and opportunity to be able to work toward your own goal(s).
Stay in the NOW, don’t worry about what did or did not happen yesterday or what you should do tomorrow.
If you are losing motivation to exercise, use the buddy system. Get the number of a fellow Kaia girl and rely on each other for motivation or an “appointment” to work out.

Appeal to your emotions. Hang that bathing suit or those skinny jeans out in plain sight. It will remind you why you need to stay on your path and continue to work toward your goals.

Commit to working out a minimum of 3-4 times per week. Reward yourself weekly for meeting that goal (of course, non-edible treats are best :) Perhaps a new exercise top?!

We’ve all have heard the term, “Dress for Success”. It can apply to fitness as well. Putting on cute, fun fitness attire is a great motivator. If we look good, chances are much greater that we will feel good about ourselves. And remember to dress for your environment. Pile on cute layers to shed as your body warms from exercise.

Let’s work super hard together to keep ourselves and each other on track through this holiday season! We KAN do it!

Luv from the NorCal Kaia Kommentary XOXO

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